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    Tree Removal

    Texas Tree Service is passionate about improving the health of the trees in Dallas. We also know that in some situations, removing the tree is your best option. If you want to remove a tree for any reason. call us for a free estimate.

    Sometimes because of construction or other landscape changes healthy trees

    need to be removed. If your not sure if the tree can be saved we can assess your tree’s health to come up with alternate solutions that may save you money.

    After your tree has been removed we can plant a new one that may be better suited for the area. We love trees and know that good site planning will save you money in the long run and allow you to get the most of your property.

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    Tree Trimming

    Our proper techniques that go into trimming and pruning your trees have a great influence on your tree’s health. We are able to determine the type or trimming/pruning that is necessary to maintain or improve your tree’s health, appearance, and safety.

    You can call us for any scale of tree trimming and pruning, whether you have limbs interfering with utilities and structures, storm-damaged trees, limbs obstructing sidewalks and streets, to hazardous decaying or weak limbs. We can help you add a new healthy landscape aesthetic!

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    Stump Removal

    We will provide you with a comprehensive stump removal service using our state-of-the-art stump grinders that are handled by experienced professionals. We will safely remove any stump and then clean up all of the debris.

    The removal of a stump can benefit you by creating more space to utilize your exterior more effectively. Unfortunately, your stump could also be insect infested, and hazardous to people enjoying the outdoors. We want your landscape to be as safe as possible!

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    Tree Aeration

    Just like your house, the roots of the tree are its foundation. The roots bring large amounts of water and nutrients stored in the soil from the ground to the trees canopy. Often in Texas, the clay soil gets compacted or built up around the root collar from construction or landscaping. This causes the phloem to suffocate by reducing the availability of water and nutrients vital to the tree.

    To resolve this issue, Texas Tree Service uses an Air-Spade to loosen the soil and move it away from the root collar without causing the damage to the small roots a shovel would.

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    Shrub Trimming

    Because Texas Tree service is a division of Timberline Lawn and Landscape LLC, trimming shrubs, crape myrtles, and small trees is our specialty. Shrubs that are left to grow on their own don’t fill in the way they should, break easily, and get burnt up by the Texas sun. Shrubs trimmed wrong and not allowed to grow properly loose vitality and die prematurely.

    It seems like it would be easy to just go out and clip off the new growth on your shrubs from time to time but it’s not that easy. Every plant around your house has different needs and growth patterns. Knowing what to trim and when is better left to the professionals at Texas Tree Service.

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